Three leaks users numbers via web service

OK, so you can file this one under “annoying, but not the end of the world”.

Three, like most mobile providers, has a mobile application that comes installed on your phone if you buy one from them, or you can download separately if you wish. It mostly replicates a limited subset of the MyThree website, allowing you to view your recent invoices, whether you are eligible for an upgrade, etc.

The first thing that jumped at me when I used this is that it has no authentication whatsoever - they just know who you are. This isn’t particularly interesting - the app only works on 3G and not when connected to Wifi, so it’s using the headers that get attached to many mobile networks requests for “special” hosts - you may remember these as the ones O2 famously leaked to the world once.

No problems so far, except that they leak those headers to any application on the system who wants them - if it has internet permissions, but not READ_PHONE_STATE, it can just hit:

Which returns an XML file looking something like below:


I don’t know what “party id” and “account data” are. I’m curious if it’s the same as my Three account number on my bill, but MyThree is down at the moment, so I can’t check.

However, if you have a popular android app and need some targetted phone numbers to spam, that’s what MSISDN is. Of course, users don’t actually check permissions, so you could just request READ_PHONE_STATE with no justification anyway.

Makes you wonder what other fun stuff might be on their services though, eh.